Friday, January 18, 2008

German club t-shirt, revisited.

Let's get our t-shirts before the German Day celebration at Elon University this March 6. I worked with the winning design/concept from Mary G., with the bear, and came up with the front logo on a heavy cotton white Hanes t-shirt seen to your right.

Then on the back a logo with the German and American flag with the words, Alle zusammen, immer und ewig, which means all together always and forever. If that's too cheesy, then submit a new back logo this Wednesday at our meeting. Take a look at the back of the possible t-shirt:

The cost of the t-shirt from a place called Body Billboards in Durham, who do a lot of Enloe-based t-shirts will be 8.73 for small - XL, and 10.23 for XXL, plus $120 for a screen art fee, split among the number of t-shirts we order. There might could possibly be a $50 dollar art fee if the logos need any adjustment. So if we order 2o t-shirts, then the price will around $20 dollars for a custom t-shirt. We should do this. What say you?