Wednesday, November 19, 2008

etwas Neues - Endlich!

Nice turnout at German Club. Hope everyone had fun. In attendance were: Mary Grayson, Kurt, Kyle, Brendan, Aaron, Henry, William, Ruqiyah, Cal, Lea, Sarah, Miles, Matt, Andy, Kelsey, Michael, Chris, JoJo, and Ashton. If I missed anyone, forgive me. We had some new faces too which is nice, and we had a guest from German 1 last year, Erin, who no longer takes German, but she came to visit us, which was nice.

By the way our officers are:

Sarah and Matt - Co-Presidents
JoJo - Vice President
Mary Grayson - Secretary
Cal - Treasurer

Speaking of the treasury, PAY YOUR DUES! They are only five dollars. They help pay for food and drink.

Extra Service Officers include

Jacob - event organizer
Michael - service project organizer

Their actual duties will be further explicated at a later date.

What we're working on currently:

T-Shirt Designs - a nice, clean, original design, with a motto.
Service project - we need to start thinking about this. Something to outreach to our community.
German Day - Thursday, March 5, 2009 - the theme is GrĂ¼ner geht's nicht! It'll be held at UNC-Chapel Hill this year. More news later on this.

We're thinking also about the GAPP Exchange. Our exchange students will be her in late March, 2009. We want to use our German Club to make banners, welcome the students, make them feel at home, etc. More news later on their arrival and stay here.

Now the pictures we took today. Here they are!