Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gingerbread Creations

I think we can all agree that today's foray into gingerbread house (or Berlin Wall or boat) construction got a little messy but was still a lot of fun! I think we should thank our presidents for orchestrating this. It took a lot of graham crackers, icing, and gumdrops to make that happen. Congratulations to the winning team, who created a very charming structure out of ordinary foodstuffs that managed to impress our judge. Great meeting, everyone! I'm glad we got to flex our creativity together.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wednesday Meeting, December 3, 2008

This Wednesday is devoted to the GAPP exchange. There will be refreshments, but the meeting will be called to order at various points so that vital information can be disseminated to host families and Enloe German students travelling to Germany next summer. All German Club members are welcome to attend, but decorum must be maintained during the meeting; we want to make our GAPP Exchange a memorable thing, and we want the German Club to spearhead the welcome mat for our German friends in Schwetzingen. We have to begin seriously planning for the exchange however.

So, come to the meeting but be prepared to listen quietly to important information that might not pertain directly to you. But enjoy hearing about the parameters of our exchange with the Hebel Gymnasium in Schwetzingen!

We will have another meeting before we depart for our Winter Holiday Break - on Wednesday, December 17, 2008. Thejn things will be more festive and light-hearted!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

etwas Neues - Endlich!

Nice turnout at German Club. Hope everyone had fun. In attendance were: Mary Grayson, Kurt, Kyle, Brendan, Aaron, Henry, William, Ruqiyah, Cal, Lea, Sarah, Miles, Matt, Andy, Kelsey, Michael, Chris, JoJo, and Ashton. If I missed anyone, forgive me. We had some new faces too which is nice, and we had a guest from German 1 last year, Erin, who no longer takes German, but she came to visit us, which was nice.

By the way our officers are:

Sarah and Matt - Co-Presidents
JoJo - Vice President
Mary Grayson - Secretary
Cal - Treasurer

Speaking of the treasury, PAY YOUR DUES! They are only five dollars. They help pay for food and drink.

Extra Service Officers include

Jacob - event organizer
Michael - service project organizer

Their actual duties will be further explicated at a later date.

What we're working on currently:

T-Shirt Designs - a nice, clean, original design, with a motto.
Service project - we need to start thinking about this. Something to outreach to our community.
German Day - Thursday, March 5, 2009 - the theme is Grüner geht's nicht! It'll be held at UNC-Chapel Hill this year. More news later on this.

We're thinking also about the GAPP Exchange. Our exchange students will be her in late March, 2009. We want to use our German Club to make banners, welcome the students, make them feel at home, etc. More news later on their arrival and stay here.

Now the pictures we took today. Here they are!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Matt B. - Präsident

Hi guys, I'm Matt and I'm running for president. I have taken German since I was in 2nd grade, and am in AP German now. I have been a member of this club since my freshman year. I was nominated to the project cafe(calling all future educators) in the German language. I have competed in 3 different German Days, and have been among those winning awards. And I will support all your ideas. Sarah will not make the club as fun as I will. So vote for me.
And I need something else to put on my college application.

Andy F. - Vice-Präsident

Hi guys, I am running for Vice President this year in German Club. I was President last year and really enjoyed the experience. I planned meetings, organized food, helped with German Day (which I recommend you go to) and saw that the meetings ran smoothly. I lead the meetings once they were in session and often took advice from my fellow officers and club members about German Club. I hope that this year as Vice President I can make German Club as good as it was last year.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah B - Präsidentin

My name is Sarah B. and I am a senior in AP German. I really want to be president of German club this year because I love German and I have lots of experience with this club. Last year I was secretary and I worked closely with the president, Andy, to run the meetings. I took attendance, took notes at meetings, planned activities for the meetings (such as a fussball spiel, games, etc), sent out emails with news, and kept the Facebook group updated. I have been learning German since I was three years old, and it is truly my passion. My goal is to major in German and become a high school German teacher. I would really love to be the president of German club for 2008-09, so vote for me!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nathaniel v.S. - Assistant Secretary

Hey I'm Nathaniel v.S. and I'm running for assistant secretary for you, the people, have nominated me. I'm in German 3 with this being my fourth year of German and I have loved it the whole time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Officer Duties for our German Club

Here is an overview of the official duties of the officers of the Enloe Deutschverein:

Der Präsident – sets the agenda, leads meetings, organizes activities in consultation with the sponsor of the club and the other officers.

Der Vicepräsident – assists the president in organizing and executing meetings.

Der Schatzmeister – keeps track of the finances of the club, gives reports to club members and officers, assists in writing receipts for monies collected. Assists the secretary in his duties.

Der Sekretär – writes meeting notes, takes attendance at meetings, assists in updating club website, documents club events with picture taking and videography

Der Assistenz-Sekretär – assists the secretary and vice president in organzing club activities, writing letters, updating website, multimedia, etc

If you are interested in being an officer, send me an email with a brief sketch and describe your goals, qualifications, experience with the German language, experience with the German Club at Enloe, and anything else you want to share. We'll get these short biographical sketches posted here for everyone to read in preparation for the next meeting which will be in two weeks, September 24th, on Wednesday after school in room 0727.

Great meeting today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on our GAPP Exchange Program

Hallo Alle!
I have been in touch with Herr Peter Fuchs and Frau Erika Hammer, two teachers at the Hebel Gymnasium in Schwetzingen. They are still interested in the exchange, only they might not be able to visit us until Fall of 2009. That won't stop us from visiting them next summer, though! Dates have not been hammered out, but they hover around these dates:

  • Thursday, June 18, 2009: Leave Raleigh.
  • Saturday, June 20: settled with our hosts in Schwetzingen
  • Monday, June 22, 2009: Begin attending the Gymnasium for two weeks
  • Saturday, July 4, 2009: Leave host families in Schwetzingen
  • Saturday July 11, Leave Germany for America
That leaves us a week, as required by the GAPP to visit other places in Germany. My suggestion is to choose one or two major cities to visit, and use those cities as starting off points for various travel. Keep checking this blog for updates on various itinerary options.

First however, read the the wikipedia entry on Schwetzingen. Visit their offical websites also.

Schwetzingen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Schwetzingen's Official Webpage

Also the Hebel Gymnasium, our Partner School in Schwetzingen, deserves a close web visit!
At their website they provide a complimentary report of the last GAPP exchange at Enloe High School.

Look forward to seeing you guys again!

Herr Kandah

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Group Picture of German Club.

Nette Fotos, nicht wahr?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Final Proof of the German Club T-Shirt

So here it is. Hope everyone is ok with it. The design is simple, but elegant. At least the German is correct. The cost is $11 for an XXL and $9.50 for all other sizes. Let's get these shirts before German Day on March 6!

Friday, January 18, 2008

German club t-shirt, revisited.

Let's get our t-shirts before the German Day celebration at Elon University this March 6. I worked with the winning design/concept from Mary G., with the bear, and came up with the front logo on a heavy cotton white Hanes t-shirt seen to your right.

Then on the back a logo with the German and American flag with the words, Alle zusammen, immer und ewig, which means all together always and forever. If that's too cheesy, then submit a new back logo this Wednesday at our meeting. Take a look at the back of the possible t-shirt:

The cost of the t-shirt from a place called Body Billboards in Durham, who do a lot of Enloe-based t-shirts will be 8.73 for small - XL, and 10.23 for XXL, plus $120 for a screen art fee, split among the number of t-shirts we order. There might could possibly be a $50 dollar art fee if the logos need any adjustment. So if we order 2o t-shirts, then the price will around $20 dollars for a custom t-shirt. We should do this. What say you?