Saturday, October 17, 2009

Field Day - October 16, 2009

Thanks to everyone who helped out at our Deutschverein Field Day booth. A partial list of German Club/Class members who made it to the booth are:

Ryan B. - who brought the grill and some brats and grilled them to perfection
David B. and Eric K. - who brought root beers and made an afternoon run to get potato chips and more brats
Lekshmi R and Bailey K. - who helped set up the table and brought stuff down
Mary Grayson - who brought some mustard and buns
Cal F. - who made a last minute Dr. Pepper run
Shapriate H. and Jordan B. - who hung out and socialized
Grant D. - club member who ate some food and hung out
Miles E. - who showed up from his College Club duties
Nicole M. - who hung out with us while promoting her Mock Trial Club table
Kia M. - who made the Gummibären-Ratespiel poster
Hadriane P. - who made the guessing slips
Mr. Uzzell - who provided color commentary

Thanks again everyone.
The winner of the Gummi-Bären is Chessa DeCain, who guessed 313, while they were 310 in the jar. Guten Appetit!

Here are some pictures I took.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Officers

Today we elected next year's officers! Hooray!

Präsident: Mary Grayson Brook
Vice-Präsident: Brenna Yellin
Schatzmeister: Brendan McBennett
Sekratär: Carlos Shadoan Floyd

Best of luck, everyone. We are in for a year of writing constitutions and making charters happen. As current co-president Matt says: we need to make it something legit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April was a whirlwind month for Enloe German students! We were visited by our Hebel Gymnasium friends and spent a few happy weeks getting to know them through all sorts of activities. They are a great group of people and we were so lucky to have them here. Those of us going on the GAPP trip in a few weeks are very excited to see them again!

Tomorrow we will be having elections for next year's German Club officers. If you are interested in becoming our next president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or service/events coordinator, then please attend the meeting! Even if you don't plan on running, we need voters. It has been a great year, and with the right leadership next year can be one, too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diversity Week Update

German students will actually be participating in Diversity Week on Wednesday the 25th. Do not show up on Monday! Unless you intend to learn about some other cultures, of course. We need volunteers for each lunch period. There is a sign up sheet in Herr Kandah's classroom. Please remember to sign up and show up Wednesday the 25th in the learning lab during lunch!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diversity Week

At today's rather low-key meeting, we discussed Enloe's upcoming Diversity Week (February 23-27) and what German Club will be doing to represent German culture. We are going to have a booth set up on Monday the 23rd during all three lunches, and we need volunteers! Please, do not skip class out of enthusiasm for German. Only sign up for your lunch period. We will be displaying all aspects of German culture through flags, soccer jerseys, music, pretzels, and a video of Oktoberfest revelry, among other things. Let us know if you have any ideas or can supply us with anything else. You are encouraged to wear Lederhosen or a Dirndl!

We also discussed Herr Kandah's t-shirt design, which seems to have widespread approval (despite the lack of participation in a related poll). I know it will come as a disappointment to some of you, but Herr Kandah's face will not be appearing on any t-shirts anytime soon.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

ein neues T-Shirt Design??

First, thanks to Mary Grayson for updating the website. Yes, the service project is underway, thanks to Mrs. O'Quinn for allowing us to assist her. German Club members: contribute to those boxes in your English classes! Contribute multiple times. And tell your friends to do the same. After the collection is complete, we'll help Mrs. O'Quinn's Junior Class officers pack the care packages up.

Now, the t-sirts. We need t-shirts! I attempted a design. Let's go with a black t-shirt again. On the front of the shirt, either smallish in the upper corner of the shirt, or larger and centered (I personally prefer the former) would be this image:

Then on the back, a reminder of the great historical personages who changed the world using the German language:

What do you think? Let me know. I want to get this design to Body Billboards in Durham, the folks who made our t-shirts last year, for an estimate on cost, etc. Vote to the left on this design. Let's unify and wear these shirts with pride, people! If we act fast we can possibly get them before German Day.

Alles Gute!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Service Project Success and T-shirt Troubles

It looks like we're tying up the loose ends we discussed at our January 14th meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended on Wednesday! We finally got our service project off the ground with the help of Mrs. O'Quinn. The project, Love Our Troops, is intended to show the troops we care by sending them items they need just in time for Valentine's Day. A really really big thank you is in order for everyone who carried collection boxes all over the school. If you couldn't make it to the meeting, you can still help us by finding the Love Our Troops collection box in your English class and donating something. We also put up bright pink flyers around the school, which should be hard to miss.

Now all we need is a T-shirt design. If no one submits a design soon, we're going to go with a simple design that gets the job done. If you'd like something with more pizazz (or more cartoon animals or German flags or whatever), then submit a design!