Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Officers

Today we elected next year's officers! Hooray!

Präsident: Mary Grayson Brook
Vice-Präsident: Brenna Yellin
Schatzmeister: Brendan McBennett
Sekratär: Carlos Shadoan Floyd

Best of luck, everyone. We are in for a year of writing constitutions and making charters happen. As current co-president Matt says: we need to make it something legit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April was a whirlwind month for Enloe German students! We were visited by our Hebel Gymnasium friends and spent a few happy weeks getting to know them through all sorts of activities. They are a great group of people and we were so lucky to have them here. Those of us going on the GAPP trip in a few weeks are very excited to see them again!

Tomorrow we will be having elections for next year's German Club officers. If you are interested in becoming our next president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or service/events coordinator, then please attend the meeting! Even if you don't plan on running, we need voters. It has been a great year, and with the right leadership next year can be one, too!