Saturday, October 17, 2009

Field Day - October 16, 2009

Thanks to everyone who helped out at our Deutschverein Field Day booth. A partial list of German Club/Class members who made it to the booth are:

Ryan B. - who brought the grill and some brats and grilled them to perfection
David B. and Eric K. - who brought root beers and made an afternoon run to get potato chips and more brats
Lekshmi R and Bailey K. - who helped set up the table and brought stuff down
Mary Grayson - who brought some mustard and buns
Cal F. - who made a last minute Dr. Pepper run
Shapriate H. and Jordan B. - who hung out and socialized
Grant D. - club member who ate some food and hung out
Miles E. - who showed up from his College Club duties
Nicole M. - who hung out with us while promoting her Mock Trial Club table
Kia M. - who made the Gummibären-Ratespiel poster
Hadriane P. - who made the guessing slips
Mr. Uzzell - who provided color commentary

Thanks again everyone.
The winner of the Gummi-Bären is Chessa DeCain, who guessed 313, while they were 310 in the jar. Guten Appetit!

Here are some pictures I took.

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