Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Officer Duties for our German Club

Here is an overview of the official duties of the officers of the Enloe Deutschverein:

Der Präsident – sets the agenda, leads meetings, organizes activities in consultation with the sponsor of the club and the other officers.

Der Vicepräsident – assists the president in organizing and executing meetings.

Der Schatzmeister – keeps track of the finances of the club, gives reports to club members and officers, assists in writing receipts for monies collected. Assists the secretary in his duties.

Der Sekretär – writes meeting notes, takes attendance at meetings, assists in updating club website, documents club events with picture taking and videography

Der Assistenz-Sekretär – assists the secretary and vice president in organzing club activities, writing letters, updating website, multimedia, etc

If you are interested in being an officer, send me an email with a brief sketch and describe your goals, qualifications, experience with the German language, experience with the German Club at Enloe, and anything else you want to share. We'll get these short biographical sketches posted here for everyone to read in preparation for the next meeting which will be in two weeks, September 24th, on Wednesday after school in room 0727.

Great meeting today!

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