Sunday, November 17, 2013

Altes T-Shirt Design . . . . . was meint ihr denn?

Guten Tag! First, thanks Jill for updating our website! And thanks everyone for making German Club this year so far a great success!

The fundraiser is underway. Take care of your money as you sell the popcorn. You might want to have your parents write a check in exchange for any cash you collect during the two weeks of the fundraiser. December 3, a Tuesday, is when I need to collect your money and sales order forms. Carefully transfer your orders onto the order form, and count your money before submitting it all! Have fun and good luck!

Last year's t-shirt design is a simple red t-shirt with the front, in the upper left side this:

And on the back a word cloud of Goethe's Faust, plus a quote by the great German. The quote, a famous one, is „Es irrt der Mensch, solang er strebt." It means, "Man makes mistakes as long as he strives." Here is the word cloud graphic:

What do you think? A t-shirt's costs depends on the number we sell and other associated costs. I thought I'd try for Body Billboards, a local Durham, NC company. Or quite possibly Mr. Busch, an Enloe teacher of graphic design......

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