Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kandidaten für Vicepräsident

While everyone else was taking French and Spanish I decided to take German my sixth grade year. So far this choice has been one of the best I've made, since German inspired me to travel to Germany. I've also accomplished a lot through German. I won in extemporaneous speaking and poetry at German day. I also got the project C.A.F.E . award for German. I believe I could be a good Vice President because I'm dedicated, passionate, willing to learn, and committed. Some aspects of German should be taken seriously but German club is meant to be fun and a way to learn about a culture without being tested on it. If you vote for me I believe I could help make German club fun and successful.

Brenna - Deutsch 2

Ich heiße Andrew Moghaddam. I would like to run for German Club vice-president. I believe I am well suited to be your Vicepräsident. In the sixth grade I decided to take German to get a different experience. I took German even though most of my friends were taking spanish. I have been in German for a total of five years now. I'm a sophmore who is responsible, dedicated, and hard-working. I was born in Germany and have been back once so I have experienced the German culture, Bahns, pubs, und schnitzel von ein imbissbudde (snack stand). I want to make German Club a fun enviroment filled with laughter, friendship, and fun.
Thank you,
Andrew Moghaddam (Deutsch III)

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Anonymous said...

So which office are you running for? VP or Assistant Secretary??