Thursday, October 4, 2007


Kandidaten für Schatzmeister:

I'm Michael S. (Deutsch 2) and I'm running for Treasurer. I'll be good at it 'cause I'm really organized and good with numbers. I'm also good at writing business letters and I think that we should get some funding from some German companies.

I am running for Schatzmeister this year for German Club. I have been a part of German club for the past two years and would like to push the program to its full potential. In the past, the German Club met every few months and was unorganized, but with a little work the club could become much more. I have a lot of leading experience and have gotten all A's in my 5 years of German so far. Also, I work at a snack bar where a lot of money is handled and detailed tables are maintained. I look forward to having the opportunity to be the German Club Schatzmeister .
~ Andy (Deutsch IV)

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